Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.    – Hebrews 10:24

There may just be far too many times that we realize, and need to admit, that we spur – poke, prod and push – others around us, in big ways and small ways, in intentional and unintentional ways, on toward annoyance, frustration, anger, sadness or silence by our own self-focused and self-centered, thoughtless and inconsiderate words and ways. And sadly, we’ll too often consider ourselves justified, because of the words and ways of others, when we do this.

Well! Our God calls us to consider, actively and intentionally, doing something very differently within the Body of Christ.

As followers of Christ we are to help build up, not tear down, the Body. We are to help increase the light of Christ that shines among us as believers and through us to the world. Our God calls us to consider how we are to use our own lives, our own examples, our words and our actions to help spur – poke, prod, push – and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ on toward attitudes and actions of love and good deeds.

Since this is the call for each member of the Body of Christ, then you and I also must consider that God is very likely using some of His other children to keep spurring us on toward attitudes and actions of love and good deeds – even today. The Body is to help build up the Body. Even if we’re the ones that need the building up or a major reconstruction job!

This can only happen when each of us allows the Spirit of the Living Christ to spur us on to be more like Jesus in very real ways. Ways that are both visible and invisible to the people in our lives.

As we let God do this within us, actively and intentionally, our God will put us in circumstances and relationships where we can help spur, help encourage, our brothers and sisters to be more like Jesus. And as we each are spurred by the Spirit to be transformed into His likeness, we will be living, more actively and intentionally, in love and doing good deeds within the Body of Christ and within the world.

So, let us consider…

What do you need to let God transform within you so that the way you spur others on will only reflect the spurring of God’s Spirit of love and goodness within you and through you?

In what ways has God been spurring you on toward love and good deeds through the words, actions and examples of others?

Who are the ones that need assurance of God’s love and your love today?

Who needs to be the recipient of good deeds – deeds that are within your power to do?

Who needs to sense God’s presence, mercy, grace, forgiveness, kindness, justice, generosity, gentleness, peace, joy or encouragement from you and through you today?

May we each invite the Spirit of our Lord Jesus to spur us on toward love and good deeds in all we are and in all we do – today and every day. And in Christ’s love, with His grace and truth, may we do the good deed of spurring others on toward doing the same!