October 28


Truly my soul finds rest in God… – Psalm 62:1

My soul, my mind, my whole body truly find their fullest, refreshing rest only in my God.

There in the quiet, that I so desperately need, alone with God in a quiet space – setting everything down and sitting down at God’s feet and resting in His arms, I am able to let God’s Spirit, God’s Word, love and peace be my only focus. Everything else that would pull me and push me, distract me and disillusion me is put in God’s care as I let Him care for me.

There in the quiet, everything is put into focus through God’s greater, eternal perspective. My soul, my mind and my whole body all acknowledge that I am frail, flawed and finite – and still a precious child of my God and my King. There in the quiet, I am safe to come honestly and humbly, stumbly and bumbly, with all my limitations before my God who knows me and loves me with no limits at all.

There in the quiet, that I so desperately need, sitting at God’s feet and resting in His arms, all the limitations of my perspective, strength, energy, abilities, knowledge and understanding, righteousness and love are gently and powerfully soothed, renewed and refreshed by God’s breath and God’s love, by God’s grace and God’s truth. Forgiveness is given. The shame of my sins is removed.

There in the quiet, as my soul, my mind and my whole body rest alone with God, I am given a glimpse of eternity – a glimpse of the hope of heaven. There as I rest with my Abba, God’s unfailing love is poured out to me in ways and measure beyond my comprehension. God’s transcending peace lifts me out of all my earthly limitations and brokenness.

…in quietness and trust is your strength… – Isaiah 30:15

Renewed and refreshed, my soul, my mind and my whole body – all that I am – are ready and able to enter back into the realm and realities, responsibilities and relationships of my temporal life here on earth. As I do, all of my circumstances and challenges, duties and deadlines are viewed from God’s greater, eternal perspective. I breathe much more deeply. I respond with truer wisdom and calm. I offer love and peace more fully and freely. I rejoice in God’s good truth that I am His little girl. God is Big and I am small. I don’t have to do anything on my own. I am held in God’s good truth (that I know and must always remember) that my Abba is with me always and my soul, mind and body are kept safe, for all eternity, and continually renewed in His love, care and holy rest.

God’s rest is so good, and so desperately needed, for my soul, my mind and my whole body.

I’ll return very soon to sitting at God’s feet and resting in His arms…and maybe I’ll stay there in the quiet a little longer.

Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you. – Psalm 116:7