February 18–Love is…–part 4–Without Boasting or Pride

God’s love is powerful beyond our comprehension. God’s love has no limits.  It has no bounds. Yet in the fullness of its strength, God’s love is humble–reaching into the lives and hearts of the children of His creation.  True love has no need to boast or act in prideful ways. True love’s amazing power is self-evident not self-aggrandizing.

Love does not boast, Love is not proud.  I Corinthians 13:4

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           Love does not boast, Love is not proud.

God’s love does not ask us to put ourselves down. God actually calls us to love ourselves. According to God’s good way and true word, we are to love God and love others as we love ourselves. But our true love–for God, for others and for self–is to be completely void of any and all self-important boasting and self-focused or self-righteous pride.

Love does not boast, Love is not proud.                                                                True love lifts up the other. Builds up the other. Encourages the other. Strengthens the other. 

About five or six years ago, my husband Tim and I were asked to speak at a couple of sessions for The Marriage Course that our home church offered. We were so thankful to do this and share what God has done–and continues to do–in our marriage. But it really made us step-back and analyze what it really is that has made our marriage what it is.

Absolutely, the over-arching answer is LOVE. God is our first love; we are each other’s second love. This is the all-emcompassing foundation and fortress for our marriage–for our friendship, our living as lovers, partners and parents.

But as we really dug into what has made this marriage work, our answer is this: Humility.

HUH??? Yes, humility. Not boasting. Not pride. Not selfishly-focused thinking nor selfishly-demanding behaviors (at least not too often!)

True love knows that humility is a powerful and strengthening force in any relationship. There is nothing weak in true humility. It is one of God’s most powerful weapons against everything that would destroy love relationships.

Love does not boast, Love is not proud.

Doesn’t it make sense that humility–not boasting, not prideful actions–is what truly builds a marriage, or any relationship, in amazing ways? Think about it: God’s fullest revelation of love came through the absolute, extravagant humility of Jesus Christ.

Jesus humbled Himself and submitted His will to do what the Father, whom He loved so much, wanted Him to do.

Jesus humbled Himself and submitted His will to His ABBA so that all the children of God’s creation would know the boundless love of their Heavenly Father.

Through the humility of Jesus our enslavement to sin and the power of death were crushed and conquered for all eternity. There is no weakness in humility.

Love does not boast, Love is not proud.

We each need to yield ourselves to the power of love. We need to humble ourselves before those we love. All forms of boasting, all expressions of selfish pride are deadly to all relationships.

Humility is the expression of true LOVE that is strong enough…

to be real and authentic–without any puffed-up presentation of self…

to admit sin and shame, failure and frailty…

to ask for forgiveness…

to offer forgiveness…

to ask the other for help…

to set aside the need to always be right…

to acknowledge when the other is right…

to seek to understand the other’s perspective…

to build up, encourage and celebrate the other.

Love does not boast, Love is not proud. 

It just isn’t necessary. The extravagant humility and self-sacrificing love of Jesus prove this. And God offers us His same power to love others as He loves us.

True LOVE is strong enough to be humble.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane