We don’t always understand what is happening to us or around us – at least not right here, right now. We don’t always understand why we’re going through such frustrating and painful struggles and stresses in our present circumstances. We don’t often know what we should plan for or what we should do as we face the certainty of uncertainties in our lives, now and in our future. We just have so many questions and worries about the decisions we need to make and about the best options we should choose. We may often feel confused, fearful and out of control over our present experiences and our future uncertainties. Many times we speak about feeling like we’re in a state of limbo. And we really don’t like limbo.

Well, good news! Limbo is only a limited, human perception. Limbo is not a God reality.

My times are in your hands… – Psalm 31:15

God always knows every detail of every moment of our lives. God always knows everything about who we are, how we are, what we are going through and what we will experience in our future. Our Sovereign and Intimate Lord holds each of us, every day of our lives in His faithful and loving hands. There is never a moment that God leaves us or leaves the room!

There will be many things that are so very difficult, painful and confusing for us to deal with on this side of heaven. Our God knows this and promises to be with us. God asks us to trust Him. Trust that God sees what we cannot. Trust that God is good, faithful and loving. Trust that God reaches out His hands to us continually – to hold us, to calm us, to comfort us, to confront us and to quiet our fears and doubts, to lead us, to empower us, to walk with us. And it is our Lord Jesus who allowed His holy hands to be pierced by crude and cruel nails on the cross so that we would know God’s unfailing love, His mercy-drenched gift of salvation and His firm promise of eternal life with Him.

Our times – every moment of our lives, every experience in our past, present and future – are all in God’s holy, powerful, tender, compassionate, redeeming, transforming and faithful hands! For all of us who by faith are in Christ, this is where we are and will always be – here in this eternal truth of being in God’s eternal hands!

Limbo is not a God reality.