God’s love is able to fill the very deepest needs and most persistent longings of our hearts and lives. God’s love is not only able to fill these deep needs and longings, but it is only God’s love that ever will fill them completely. Seeking to have them met from any source other than God’s love will fill us instead with disappointment, bitterness and resentment. Fill us with envy.

Love does not envy. – 1 Corinthians 13:4

In the presence and fullness of God’s love, there is nothing to envy. Sadly, we don’t always allow God’s love, and the good gifts God has provided through His love, to really do what they were meant to do: Fill us with deep satisfaction, contentment and thankfulness. Fulfill the deepest longings of our very souls.

Envy takes a firm claw-like hold on us whenever we look to other people, other things or other circumstances, anything other than God, to be the source for our happiness and our reasons for thankfulness. Whenever we crave what else there is out there, that we think we should have, we become jealous and envious and lose all sight of the truth of God’s love.

Envy feeds on twisted lies of dissatisfaction and ungratefulness. We want that something else. We want that something that somebody else has. That different circumstance, that different job, that different title, that different home, that different car, that different personality, that different ability, that different body, that different family, that different spouse, that different life!

Envy shuts us away from God, and we no longer can see the truth of His love for us. Too many disappointments and resentments over what we don’t have cloud our view. But others can clearly view the ugly, greedy, jealous, satisfied-with-nothing attitudes that envy spews from us. That is not the way love does it! Love does not envy.

Envy keeps us from truly acknowledging and thanking God as the One who has given us all we need to satisfy our souls. As the One who has given us our very breath. As the One who cut off the breath of His Son Jesus in order to forgive our sins and give us eternal life. That is the way love does it! Love does not envy.

We need to look around. Not at anyone else. Just look around at our own circumstances and our own relationships. We need to love the way true love does: Take nothing and no one for granted. Find a reason (even if it’s a small one) to thank God for all the circumstances in your life, for all the people in your life. And thank them, too. Give God thanks for who He is. Give God thanks for all you have. Give up and get rid of all envy and bitterness.

Be grateful. You will love more greatly. Love does not envy.