February 07


The Lord is able to see and know all of our pretenses and fears, all of our thankfulness and joy. God sees and knows all of our prejudices and criticisms, all of our kindnesses and encouragements. God sees and knows all of our limited thinking and all of our wisdom-infused thinking. The Lord clearly sees and fully knows what we think of ourselves, of others, of our circumstances and of Him.

Our God looks intimately and intensely into the deepest recesses of our hearts – seeing all of who we truly are. There is absolutely nothing hidden from the eyes of our God – God’s eyes of love and grace and truth.

The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. – 1 Samuel 16:7

 Nothing hidden. Nothing at all.

The Lord sees everything within our hearts, within our minds, within our motivations. This might seem a little bit scary. But it is actually a wonderful freedom. Because our God sees and knows us so completely, we don’t have to put any energy at all into trying to be someone or something we are not.

As we learn to trust our God’s unfailing love for us, we realize what a beautiful, deep-breath kind of freedom it is for our Lord to see and know us so completely. A freedom, before our God and people, because we don’t have to pretend or justify or try to cover up any of our thinking, speaking, acting and interacting with others that reveal just how frail, flawed and finite we are.

We all do wrong. We all do wrong blatantly, subtly, intentionally and unintentionally. God knows this full well. Christ died to forgive us, not by pretending or trying to deny our sins but by taking on the full force of their agonizing consequences through His death. God’s judgment against our sins and the punishment for them is completed in Christ. We are free not to hide.

May we trust God’s love enough for us, that we will be able to accept and trust the truth of this. Our God does look intensely into us, and always will out of His intimate love for us.

Our God knows that the more we willingly yield and open our hearts intentionally to Him, the more freely and powerfully He is able to move to strengthen and transform our hearts. Our God will strengthen our hearts with His love, His grace and His truth, His thoughts, His ways and His eternal perspective. To have a heart that is continually strengthened and transformed to reflect the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest freedom we will ever know!

So, let’s choose to be uncovered, without any falsehood or façade before our God who loves us so much. Let’s choose to be redirected and renewed in the deepest areas of our lives, our minds and our hearts. How beautiful and freeing it is that nothing is hidden to our God!