2015 Events – For God’s Glory and the Transforming of Many Lives!

February 17 & 18, 2015 – Sylane Mack will be at Mathom House, the Bucks County Rehabilitation and Treatment Facility for adolescent sexual perpetrators. On Feb 17 & 18, Sylane will speak in two different therapeutic group sessions with the young men and some of Mathom’s staff members. In the evening of Feb 17, Sylane will also speak at the Parents and Family Group Meeting. Please pray for God to continue to bless this amazing relationship between Mathom and TBG so that many, many lives will be saved, renewed and transformed by the love and mercy of Jesus Christ!

March 9-16, 2015 in Aberdeen, Scotland – Women’s Conference for the Gerrard Street Baptist Church of Aberdeen the weekend of March 13-14 – Sylane Mack will present Harvest of Hearts. Invited by Emma Longhurst, a dear sister in Christ who served in Philadelphia for 3 1/2 years, Sylane will speak at this conference held at Emma’s home church in Aberdeen. Jean Heiss, a true TBG ministry partner with a mindset open to adventure and a heart always ready to serve our Lord Jesus, will be ministering with Sylane throughout their time in Scotland.

Sylane will also be speaking on Sunday, March 15, during the morning worship service at Gerrard Street Baptist Church and then later in the afternoon at the monthly meeting of “Cafe Church”– an open and informal gathering to the people of GSBC and Aberdeen. This will be a time to focus on God’s ability to transform lives – no matter what! Sylane will also open up this time for a Question and Answer session. Our God is able! His love is unfailing! Please pray for God to lead everything that is said and done as Jean and Sylane prepare for this trip and, then, join with Emma and the leadership team in Scotland to serve God together in bringing our Lord’s eternal hope and purpose, love and freedom to the women (men and children, too) of Aberdeen! May countless lives be transformed!

March 24, 2015 – Sylane Mack will be speaking at the Women’s Inspirational Network’s (W.I.N.) Annual Soup and Salad Night at First Baptist Church in Allentown, PA. The evening’s event begins at 6 pm, and will include fun, food and fellowship along with Sylane’s presentation, “Jesus Said What?! Love Your Enemies!” This is an open event to all women – so please come, and bring a friend! Interested in attending? Contact Michelle Orr: fbcawomensministries@gmail.com or call the church office: 610.432.3414. Please pray that all who attend will clearly sense Christ’s love, His grace and truth in all that is experienced and heard!

April 18, 2015 – at Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, NJ. Sylane Mack will be leading a two-session conference, from 9 am – 12 pm – “Love That Never Fails – Forgiveness That Frees” for the men and women of Bayside and all those in the community who want to know, and grow in, the grace and truth of the unfailing love and freeing forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to renew and heal the most broken of lives! Three of our TBG Board Members, DeAnne Harland, Teresa Warren and Tim Mack, will serve as our ministry team. This is an Open Event! So, please plan on attending! Invite your friends and family! God’s love and light – the saving freedom, transforming grace and healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ – are available to, and absolutely needed by, each and every one of us! Join us there and in prayer!

May 2, 2015 – Sylane Mack will lead a workshop entitled, “Our Counterintuitive God!” at ISI Women’s Conference in Central PA – hosted at Carlisle Evangelical Free Church – 290 Petersburg Road, Carlisle, PA. Cindy Fallt and Patty Arvanites will serve as ourTBG ministry team members for this event – including going out a day early to meet and pray with the conference leaders and set up our TBG table! The exhibits open at 8 AM on Saturday, with the conference continuing until 5 PM with Keynote Sessions and Workshops throughout the day given by several anointed women of God. Each speaker/teacher will bring God’s Word, to bear much fruit for all who will receive it, through the power of the Holy Spirit! This is a prayerful, powerful and transforming conference!

June 18-23 – Sylane Mack will be heading to Geneva, Switzerland to meet up with AS, a missionary she mentors who serves in the Middle East. Together with AS’s roommate, ST, this will be a time for renewal, prayer, being loved and just taking time to have fun!
June 23-28, 2015Sylane
will be meeting up with her husband Tim (who is there on business) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We pray that God will bring some local connections and open doors for future ministry opportunities in both countries!
October 7-12, 2015 – Sylane Mack has been invited to Nantucket, MA to teach multiple sessions of “Standing Strong with Open Arms” for the launching of a new retreat center at High Point. This extended retreat (6 days), according to Darcy Creech, the owner-steward of High Point, is “the springboard event” God put on her heart to launch High Point “as a year-round haven for relaxing, renewing, and rejoicing in our Lord!” Darcy is excited to see what more God has planned for this place!
Darcy and Sylane were first connected because of their mutual heart for and service alongside Compassion International – with whom Darcy is committed to build one new well each year in some of the world’s most impoverished lands.
Darcy, like Sylane, is also sensitive to the dryness of, and the battle for, our souls. Both women have been been called to make a way for our Lord Jesus to be more fully known and for Christ’s love and power to be more fully lived out in the lives of His followers. This “springboard event” at High Point, with specifically invited guests, and Sylane’s teachings of “Standing Strong with Open Arms”, is focused on following God’s call in exactly these ways! Please keep these days, and all who will attend, in prayer for God to be more fully known, loved, followed and glorified as we embrace God’s unfailing love for us and are, thereby, strengthened to stand strong with open arms offering Christ’s love to all those around us – even to those who don’t love us! Just like Jesus does! Oh! May the Body of Christ live and love like the Body of Christ! Amen and Amen!
December 18-20, 2015 – Lee, Massachusetts – Sylane Mack, traveling and ministering with her husband Tim Mack, will be sharing her newest Christmas talk entitled, Christmas Turned Upside Right! with two different gatherings of men and women in Lee, MA. Tom and Jean Heiss are faithfully and fabulously opening their new home in Massachusetts to share with their friends and neighbors the joy, hope and peace that comes through our Savior’s birth! Christmas Turned Upside Right! is the message of God’s good news of our Lord Jesus – His birth, life, death and resurrection – that offers us God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, healing and freedom! All the things that turned Sylane’s life, and can turn every person’s life, upside right!