Our help is in the name of the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.             Psalm 124:8

Who do you call out to when you acutely feel, and honestly admit to, your need for help? Do you call your husband? Your wife? Your closest friends? Your mom? Your dad? Your siblings? Your children? Your pastor? Your church family? Your co-workers? Your neighbors?

All these people can be such good people to call. And if we have any of these precious people in our lives who we can trust to share our very real need for help and support on this side of heaven, then we are amazingly and abundantly blessed! I do not want to take my precious ones for granted. Ever. So, let’s take even a moment right now to thank our God for each and every one of these people we have in our lives! Thank You, Jesus!

Yet, we also need to give thanks as we realize that there is no One who loves us like the Lord! There is no One who knows us more intimately than our Maker! There is no One who is able to be with us at every single moment of every single day in each and every one of our circumstances and situations. Our God is with us! He is able!

And our Lord wants us to call out to Him, as His children who trust Him, His love and His power to help us at all times in all the ways we need Him. Our Lord wants us to call out to Him for the help that He alone can give. Our Lord’s help always comes to us out of His perfect love, out of His perfect will and out of His perfect and eternal perspective of all things. Our Lord’s help always comes to us with our absolute best on His mind.

The Lord’s help offered to us is generous beyond our imagination. The Lord’s help is sure. God’s love and presence, His grace and truth, His peace and hope, His strength and courage, His wisdom and power, God’s Spirit and Word are always and limitlessly available to us, His beloved and eternal children.

Let’s choose to call out to our Lord before (during, after and continually) we call out to anyone else – even the most precious ones with whom we share our lives and our very real need for help and support. Let’s each call out to our Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth to help us…

In every circumstance.

In every bit of pressure we feel.

In every bit of fear or worry we experience.

In every pain we endure – inflicted on us by others or by ourselves.

In every loss of a loved one.

In every loss of our hopes or dreams or plans or security.

In every bit of confusion and chaos that crushes our minds, bodies, relationships and spirits.

Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. And it is, always and only, in the name of the Lord – our Lord Jesus Christ whose name is above all names – that all of our true and eternal, peace-giving and hope-restoring, life-saving, life-transforming and God-glorifying help comes! Thank You, Jesus, our Help and our Savior!

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane