February 16–LOVE is…part 2–Patient and Kind

Love is…the very power and nature of the Living God. And His love is patient and kind. It is for us to fully receive. It is for us to fully give.

Love is patient, Love is kind…I Corinthians 13:4

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           God’s love for us is patient and kind.

God’s love is so real. God’s knows exactly what we need for our own hearts to be healed, strengthened and transformed. We need God’s full and perfect love. 

It is God’s love that offers us the patient understanding and gentle kindness that our hearts cry out to receive. God’s patient and kind love holds us tenderly and securely in ways that soothe our souls and offers us a place of rest and sanctuary for our minds, bodies and spirits.

I didn’t know much about patience or kindness growing up. Snap judgments, a hard smack across the face, cruel criticisms, ugly words–and far uglier, abusive actions were what I knew most.

But what I lived and experienced does NOT change who God is or what God has for me. God loves me. God is patient and kind. God’s love is NOT limited in any way just because I didn’t know patience and kindness in my home growing up.

God’s Word is true. God’s love is true. And God’s love is patient and kind.

God’s patient and kind love is full of understanding and compassion for who I am…and my God loves me even though I am frail, flawed and finite.

God’s patient and kind love quiets me, slows me down, holds me safely, gently reaches into my soul, massages my heart and refreshes my spirit.

God’s patient and kind love embraces and encourages me with the pure love that comes from my ABBA. I am a very beloved child–a very beloved woman–of my Holy God. 

And my Holy God commands and empowers me to offer His patient and kind love to all those in my life. Yes, all. No matter what I have known or experienced from others.

God calls me–and every one of His children–to love others in such a way that they too will know the healing, strengthening, transforming truth of God’s patient and kind love for themselves. 

 In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane