You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. – Psalm 32:7

Do you ever just want to run away and hide? Hide from all the pressures of life? Hide from other people? Hide from all your responsibilities? I do. At least, sometimes.

And, then, God reminds me that often my feelings of wanting to run away and hide may come as a result of my own skewed thinking that believes (or at least acts as if) I’m more in control than I truly am. Or that I am somehow more important or more powerful than I truly am.

My feelings of wanting to run away and hide may also come because I think something that I am suffering is unjust and unfair. And, on this side of heaven, that just may be true. Maybe I want to run away and hide because I just plain don’t want to deal with the awful reality of whatever I’m dealing with – whether it is an illness or a death of someone I love; whether it is the cruelty of abuse or a personal attack on my character; whether it is an attitude or addiction I can’t seem to overcome or even want to overcome; whether it is a heart-breaking, confusing personal relationship or a relationship with someone that never should have happened; whether I am overwhelmed by the demands of my job or deflated by a cold and profit-driven job that offers no real security, very little financial stability, and no true enjoyment. Sometimes, I, and maybe you too, just want to run away and hide.

Many circumstances and relationships may make us want to run away and hide because of the amount of sheer pressure – or sadness or loss or frustration or anger or confusion or embarrassment or discouragement – that we feel. And, if it is possible, getting away from the stress – or, at least, from some of the stressors – for even a little bit of time, can be a very good and wise thing for the healing and restoration of our minds, bodies and souls.

But! How good and peaceful, strengthening and renewing is the truth that our God is our hiding place. Always and forever. No matter what trouble may surround us or come full force into our lives – unwanted and unexpected. God is with us. And as God’s deeply loved and precious children, we don’t ever need to run away and hide from the brokenness of this world. We just need to run into the arms of our Heavenly Abba and hide more fully in His quieting love, in His transcending peace, in His eternal perspective, and in His intimate presence in our lives.

There in our Abba’s arms we are protected from all that would threaten, hurt, confuse, and destroy us. In our Abba’s arms we can hide. In our Abba’s arms we can rest quietly, right in the midst of turmoil, and listen to our Abba’s songs of deliverance with awe, joy and thanksgiving. We can trust that the love we find in the everlasting arms of our Almighty Abba is more powerful, more lasting, and more true than anything that could come at us in this world.

No matter what you may be going through, or may want to run away from and hide, remember to run to the true source of love, peace, strength and renewal. We each need to choose to run into our Abba’s arms. To run to our God, the sweet, safe, and holy hiding place for our minds, bodies, and souls. There in Abba’s arms we can breathe life again.

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane