June 03


There are so many times that I am so clearly aware that my own thinking is just not enough. No matter how perceptive, discerning and analytical I may be – or think I may be!

My thinking, on its own, just isn’t always broad enough or deep enough or visionary enough or objective enough to give me the insight and wisdom that I need. I need more than my own insight and wisdom when an on-the-spot interpretation of a critical situation must be made which requires immediate action and sudden intervention. I need more than my own insight and wisdom when a longer view interpretation of a complex situation must be made which requires broad-scoping actions and far-reaching plans to be put into place. And, quite honestly, I realize more and more that even for those seemingly simple situations, I need more than my own insight and wisdom.

My thinking, on its own, just isn’t always enough.

This is actually a very good and freeing realization to come to. Because, this is absolute truth for me, and for pretty much every other person on this planet. Or, at least, it will be at some point in each life, in some situation. Whether we admit it or not.

How great is our God! And how well our God knows us and knows our needs! God invites us to seek His wisdom. This requires humility on our part (which is not exactly the core character trait in too many of us human beings) as we acknowledge that we really do need God’s wisdom – since there is a lack of it in our own thinking!

When we do ask, our God is so good, so kind and so faithful in giving out His wisdom to us. Our God gives us His wisdom without ever giving us any sense of blame or guilt or shame for not being wise enough on our own in the first place! How great is our merciful God who loves us and knows that we desperately need all the wisdom He would give us.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. – James 1:5

How great is our God! How good and loving our God wants to be to us. God knows our every need. And God knows we need His wisdom. There will always be those critical and complex (and those seemingly simple) situations in our lives where our own, even brilliant, thinking is not – nor will it ever be – enough. We need to be humble enough to agree with God about what we lack. We need to be humble and trusting enough to ask for God’s wisdom, believing He will give it to us just as He has said. Generously!

With all the different situations, circumstances and relationships that are part of our lives, and that swirl around continually in our thinking, isn’t it time for each of us to ask our God for His insight and wisdom? We were never meant to do life – or figure it out – on our own!

God’s wisdom is waiting! What are we waiting for?

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane