As we read reflectively through Psalm 23, a few verses at a time, I pray that our God will lead each of us to know what living the truth of His Word means for each of our days. Whether it is a day of sadness, surprises, simplicity or celebration.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. – Psalm 23:5

The outrageous love and honor, the abundant overflowing blessings given by our Lord and Shepherd to each of us, absolutely astounds and humbles me. This is God, the Lord Almighty, the Holy One, the Creator of all that exists. This is the Alpha and the Omega. And it is He who anoints our heads as His honored ones!

This isn’t about us. This isn’t about us earning this anointing. And this, certainly, is not about us deserving this anointing. This is all about our Lord. It is He who chooses to anoint each of us who trusts in Him as our Savior and King. It is our Lord who anoints each of His followers as His honored guest, His beloved child and His intimate friend. It is our Lord who chooses to anoint His followers to be His ambassadors – setting us apart to carry His message of love and grace and truth to all those around us.

Our Lord pours out His oil – His anointing Holy Spirit – over our heads, rubbing it in with His almighty hands that formed all that exists in all of creation. His anointing heals our minds and soothes our souls with the touch of His humble, nail-scarred hands that reveal His unfailing love and eternal salvation. That we are anointed by the Lord Most High as His honored ones, is more than I can fully grasp. But! Our God of love and kindness does not stop there!

No. Our Lord and Shepherd makes our cups – our lives – to overflow. He, Himself, is the freely offered and abundantly flowing water of life that cleanses us, fills us and wells up in us to overflow with God’s love and blessings into our own lives, and into the lives of those around us. Our Lord chose to sacrificially pour out His own life for us. And He invites each one of us to put our cups – our lives – into His hands so that He may fill them, and us, to overflowing!

As our cups – our lives – are held in the hands of our Lord and Shepherd (Give Him your cup!), He pours out His love, His life, His grace, His truth, His forgiveness, His freedom, His wisdom, His peace, His courage, His hope, His power…and on and on and on…into our lives. These abundantly-flowing, life-transforming blessings are given by our Lord and Shepherd. By His loving choice. Again, not because we have earned or deserved any of these blessings. This is all about our Lord making His love, and the gift of His own sacrificed life, very real in our lives.

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane