Ministry and Prayer Updates – Spring 2015

Sunshine! Warmth! We have had more of both lately. And just about everyone seems to be smiling just a little bit bigger and a little more often! Sunshine and warmth do that to us. Light seems to bring out our better selves. This is also eternally true for us as we choose to live and walk in the light of our Lord Jesus, who declared to us:

“I am the light of the world.  
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
John 8:12

So let’s follow Jesus a little more closely and walk in the light of His truth, His grace and His transforming power to overcome all darkness – of sin and shame, of fear and death – through His unfailing love!

                                                      WHERE WE’VE BEEN!  
March 24Sylane Mack, with Kathy Watson serving as our TBG team member, spoke at the Women’s Inspirational Network’s (W.I.N.) Annual Soup and Salad Night at First Baptist Church in Allentown, PA. The evening’s event included fun, food and fellowship along with Sylane’s presentation, “Jesus Said What?! Love Your Enemies!” This was an open event for all women – and a special time to reach out to their local community with the love of Christ! God beautifully, tenderly and powerfully answered our prayers for the light of Christ’s love to be made known, heard and experienced by all who attended. Pray that God’s true light will continually touch, lead and minister to each person present in deep and transforming ways!

                                                          OUR NEXT EVENTS!  
April 18 – at Bayside Chapel in Barnegat, NJ. Sylane Mack will be leading a two-session conference, from 9 am – 12 pm“Love That Never Fails – Forgiveness That Frees” for the men and women of Bayside and all those in the community who want to know, and grow in, the grace and truth of the unfailing love and freeing forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to renew and heal the most broken of lives! Three of our TBG Board Members, DeAnne Harland, Teresa Warren and Tim Mack, will serve as our ministry team. This is an Open Event! So, please plan on attending! Invite your friends and family! God’s love and light – the saving freedom, transforming grace and healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ – are available to, and absolutely needed by, each and every one of us!

May 2Sylane Mack will lead a workshop entitled, “Our Counter-intuitive God!” at PPM/ISI Women’s Conference in Central PA – hosted at Carlisle Evangelical Free Church. TBG Board Member, Cindy Fallt, will serve as our ministry team member for this event – including going out a day early to meet and pray with the conference leaders and set up our TBG table! This is a powerful, prayerful, transforming conference! Register Today!

– For our TBG Counselors and every individual, couple and family with whom we minister, so that God’s Word and Spirit, God’s love, grace and truth will break through with the fullness of Christ’s healing, hope and continually deepening transformation!
– For our Administrative Staff and TBG Board Members and all of our families.
– For God to open many opportunities for Sylane Mack to make known God’s unfailing love and transforming power to many, many more people – locally, nationally and internationally!
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– God uses your financial generosity to help us continue to offer our Counseling Ministry in the Delaware Valley/NJ/PA area and to help cover the costs of sending Sylane Mack out as our Conference Speaker and Christ’s Ambassador.
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With much love and many prayers through our Lord Jesus Christ
– the Board and Staff of Transformed by Grace!