Balance in all things comes to us as we allow God to hold our lives in His love, grace and truth so that all of our thinking, speaking, acting and interacting will honor God and be a blessing to others and ourselves.

This balance is based on living in God’s truths that remind us that:

We are absolutely dependent on God for everything.

God’s inexhaustible power is fully available to us at all times, in every season, in every experience and in every circumstance of our lives – as we choose to trust God.

Within this balance – of choosing sincere humility before our holy, loving God and trusting in the unfailing strength that comes to us from our almighty God – is where we need to keep our minds, attitudes, perspectives, words and actions, reactions and interactions. Always.

We each need to determine – we each need to intentionally choose – to live continually between, what I call, The Bookends of Faith:

“…apart from me you can do nothing…” – John 15:5

I can do all things through him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13

Living between the Bookends of Faith is the safest, truest and strongest place we could ever choose to live. This is the place of greatest balance for our lives, for our relationships with others and with our Holy God!

In sincere humility before our Lord, we have the true and right perspective that all that we are, all that we have, all that we are able to do – everything about us, our lives, and even our very breath – comes from our Creator God. It is humbling and freeing all at the same time. We are called to believe this truth and live like we truly believe that apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing. Ultimate humility.

Ahhhhh! And the other Bookend of Faith is just as true. In our Lord Jesus Christ, the truth of our dependence on God is exactly what leaves us open to receive the full power of God. In our Lord’s strength we have been given the power to deal with all things in His strength – every person, every detail, every circumstance, every joy, every tragedy and every moment that comes into our lives. Ultimate power.

Nothing apart from Jesus – all things in His strength. Holy Balance.

This is God’s perfect, loving and powerful balance in which we each are meant to live – in between the Bookends of Faith – so that we may live in true freedom, receiving unfailing strength as we live in humble dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ!

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane