The first thing I did as each of my daughters was birthed was to take my precious little baby girl in my arms, hold her tightly, kiss her all over, over and over again, and tell her how very much I loved her and promised her that I always, always would. And I did. And I do. And I will. Even in my imperfection. Each of my precious babies (now grown women) are loved by me forever. Loved beyond explanation. Loved no matter what.

Ahhhhh! How beautiful it is that we can trust our Heavenly Abba to love us perfectly! Beyond explanation. No matter what. How good it is for us to know that we always have a safe place for our souls, for all that we are – in all of our frailty and in all of our fierceness – to be loved generously and held tightly for all eternity!

Our Abba opens His holy arms to us, offering His powerful and protective love for us and the reassurance of His constant and faithful presence with us. There is nothing that can limit the reach of our Abba’s arms as He reaches out to us. There is nothing that can tire Abba’s arms while He is holding us. His arms are the everlasting arms. So, too, are the everlasting love, shelter, peace, protection, salvation and strength that our Abba holds out for us to receive and to be held by – right here, right now and forever.

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.– Deuteronomy 33:27

We get tired. We’re limited in our power to fix and control all of the hard and unwanted stuff that comes at us in our lives. We throw up our arms in frustration and disgust. We give up on our circumstances. We give up on people. We keep people at arms’ length. Maybe because we’re afraid of being hurt or rejected. Maybe because we’re just too prideful to let anyone know what’s really going on inside us and inside our own private, imperfect worlds. Maybe because we’re just too self-centered to really care about others.

Our Abba really cares. Instead of throwing up His arms in frustration and disgust at the hardness of our hearts or the depth of our hurts, our Lord Jesus stretched His everlasting arms along the length of a wooden beam to die for our sins and our sorrows. The exact and perfect length to fully reach from heaven to earth and bring us fully and forever into our Abba’s arms.

Abba’s everlasting arms are always open wide with His love that will never fail us, with His grace that will never reject us and with His strength that can never be destroyed!

So snuggle in, Darlin’s, and be held, healed and given hope in the everlasting arms of our Holy God! And, while you’re there, offer your own growing-in-Christ-likeness arms to others who need to know just how very far the reach of God’s everlasting arms can reach. No matter what.

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane