God alone is the One who truly loves us and knows us and understands us. God alone is the One who saves us. God alone is the One who determines our true honor. Neither people nor our circumstances should ever be given more authority and power over our peace and our perspective of who we are than our Holy God.

My salvation and my honor depend on God – Psalm 62:7

We really are completely and utterly dependent on God. I know the truth of this may make some of us very uncomfortable and questioning, if not downright dismissive and annoyed. Being completely and utterly dependent on anyone or anything, other than ourselves, is not how we usually go about our daily lives. Yet, when we begin to grasp the wild, passionate, perfect, faithful and unfailing love God has for each of us, we will realize that being completely and utterly dependent on God is a very good thing. And a very freeing truth.

The Scripture above tells us that “My salvation…depends on God.” Most of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior would agree with that statement. We have come to understand that we cannot save ourselves. Not by anything we do. Not by our most kind and generous acts. Not by our most pious habits of attending church, praying, fasting, serving. We understand that no one else, not even the most faithful believer, can bring us salvation. Neither can our greatest mocker nor harshest critic ever take away our salvation. We are completely and utterly dependent on Jesus’ death on the cross to give us salvation, to forgive our sins and to redeem our lives by His blood. Your salvation – “my salvation…depends on God.” Hallelujah! Our salvation does not depend on us, or on anyone else!

But! That is not all the above Scripture says. It says, “My salvation and my honor depend on God.” We need to let this truth of God – that our honor is just as dependent on God as is our salvation – completely transform us so that we will know how incredibly valued, honored and loved we truly are by our God. Many of us work so hard to make sure we attain certain goals, achieve certain titles, receive appropriate compensation or rightful recognition for our efforts. Yet, our true eternal honor is not dependent on us, no more than is our eternal salvation. Nothing we do will ever be able to make us any more honored than we are right now because of the honor God has already bestowed on us. God honors – loves and values – us beyond what we could ever imagine, beyond what we could ever earn in our own strength. Neither our very best efforts nor our very worst failings will ever change, ever increase or decrease, the honor that God has already imparted on us by His perfect love. Our true eternal honor is not dependent in any way on whether or not people treat us as honorable, valuable and loved. Oh, we want to be treated in those ways. Very much. I know. I want this, too. But recognizing God’s truth that He alone has the authority to determine our honor is absolute freedom and peace for us. Hallelujah! Our honor does not depend on us, or on anyone else!

God has made it clear that He alone is the source of both our salvation and our honor. No one but God has the authority or the perfect love to give these to us. And God has given them. They are eternally immutable gifts from our Holy God. May we each choose to fully trust God at His Word, and live in the truth and freedom that our salvation and our honor, completely and utterly, depend on God!

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane