God never forgets the promises He makes to those of us who put our trust in Him. And sometimes, especially in those hard and hurting times in our lives, we need to pray back to God His own words. We need to name the truths that we believe about God. We need to claim the hope that God gives us. For our sake. For God’s glory.

God knows His Word is faithful and true. Because God is faithful and true. God knows what He has for us and who He wants to be to us – our full hope and our very life.

Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. – Psalm 119:49-50

Have you ever prayed anything like this? Like I have, many times?

My God! Remember when You said that You are my Hope?

My Strength? My Joy? My Light?

My Defender? My Protector? My Shelter? My Shield?

My Provider? My Helper? My Healer? My Comfort?

My Shepherd? My Savior? My Hiding Place?

My Righteous Judge? My Redeemer from sin?

My Rescuer from the dominion of darkness?

My Wonderful Counselor? My Mighty God?

My Everlasting Father? My Prince of Peace?

My Way? My Truth? My Life?

God, those are Your words! Not mine!

And I need You to be all of those for me, right now!

Our God, in His love and mercy, in His grace and truth, answers each of us quietly and firmly.

I Am who I Am. I never change. My Word is True. I call you to trust Me.

God knows who He is. God always remembers. And God is faithful to His Word and what He promises to His children. It is we who forget. Or we, at least temporarily, do not keep in the forefront of our minds the truth of God’s love for us, the peace of God’s presence with us, and the hope of God’s promises to us.

It is we who are shaken by what seems to be a delay or a dismissal to our cries out to God. Yet, our God is not shaken. And even in our hardest and most heart-breaking moments and seasons of our lives, we need to remember that God is God. And God’s faithfulness and love for us and His Word to us are unfailing and eternal.

It is you and I who need to remember. Remember what God says. Remember who God is.

So, go ahead! Pray back to God His own words. God loves it when we know His Word! Then, choose to trust God at His Word. God remembers His promises. God remembers you.

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane