It seems that for all people born to this earth, there is something within each of us that desires and longs for something beyond ourselves. I believe that these desires for something more, something bigger and something better actually come from being created in the image of God.

I believe, as image bearers of our Creator, our innermost being deeply longs to be connected with, and more truly reflecting the likeness of, the One and Only who can truly, and delightfully, fulfill our heart’s deepest desires.

Take delight in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.          Psalm 37:4

Unfortunately, in this broken world – with all of its confusion, disappointment, hurt and our own sinful behavior – our heart’s deepest desire to be in relationship with our God has gotten so twisted and thwarted, so hidden and hardened. In the darkness of this world, we end up trusting more in ourselves than we trust in our God. In our brokenness and blindness, we won’t trust that God really loves us, if He loves us at all. In the deception of the twisted and thwarted truths about God, we won’t really believe that God desires to be good to us, or that He cares about giving us the desires of our hearts.

Yet, we are called to take delight in the Lord, trusting that our God will give us the desires of our hearts. Here the Hebrew phrase for take delight, calls us to be soft and pliable before our God and to His working in our hearts.

As we choose to be soft and pliable in our God’s hands, as we take delight in the Lord, we will give up our self-focused desires and sense of entitlement, our pride and stubbornness, our hurt and hate, our doubt and denial, our resentment and fear, our self-righteousness and self-reliance.

It is here, being soft, pliable and delighting in our Lord, that we will humbly and thankfully trust God’s love for us and hold fast to believing that God is good – regardless of our circumstances. Believing that our God knows what is truly and eternally good for us – and that He wants to give these good things to us.

It is here, being soft, pliable and delighting in our Lord, that we will grow to be more like Jesus in His love, grace and truth, wisdom and mercy, courage and compassion, strength and hope, joy and peace, patience and kindness, gentleness and generosity.

It is here, being soft, pliable and delighting in our Lord, that our God is able to do His greatest work within us: Transforming us, in our innermost being and our most obvious self-expression, to reflect the beauty of God’s likeness and character in all we are and in all we do. This was God’s intent from our very creation. This will be the fulfillment of our heart’s deepest desire.

It is here, being soft, pliable and delighting in our Lord, that the desires of our hearts will actually become the same desires that our God has for all of us who are His children by faith. And, oh! When the desires of our hearts line up with the holy and righteous, loving and good desires of our God, we can be absolutely certain that our God will take great delight in fulfilling these desires for each and every one of us!

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane