November 29


Through the prophet Isaiah, our Lord asks us some pointed and piercing questions about how we respond to our Him and what our perceptions are of Him.

When I came, why was there no one?

When I called, why was there no one to answer?

Was my arm too short to deliver you?

Do I lack strength to rescue you?

Isaiah 50:2

Too often our understanding of the Lord can become completely skewed by our own limited thinking and self-focused perspectives. We can become discouraged, self-serving, resentful, angry – and even turn our backs completely on the Lord – because God does not seem to be there when we want Him. God does not seem to answer us when we call to Him. At least not in the way that we think God should answer us. Our inability and our unwillingness to trust that our God is loving and true, good and faithful, present and strong keep us locked into a place filled either with doubt or prideful self-reliance – or some unhealthy mix of the two.

The truth is our Lord comes to us constantly and continually. He comes to us to answer our deepest soul, and eternal, needs. Our Lord comes to us with His unfailing love, eternal salvation, mercy and grace, forgiveness and freedom, deliverance and renewal. Our Lord comes to us with His passionate, life-healing, life-transforming presence. Our Lord comes to us with His peace and purpose, with His joy and hope. Will we be there when our Lord comes to us? Will we recognize that He is here with us now?

And just as our Lord comes to us, so, too, our Lord calls out to us in all the same ways. Will we let ourselves hear our Lord’s voice? Will we answer Him? Will we listen to His passionate heart for us? Will we let His unfailing love, grace and truth speak into our lives?

Our Lord delivers us by the reach of His loving and powerful arm. Our deliverance for the forgiveness of our sins and the gift of eternal life cost Jesus Christ His life – as His loving and powerful arms were nailed to the cross in utter and complete humility.Will we take hold of the Lord’s arm, letting Him deliver us from everything that put Jesus on the cross?

Our Lord has the almighty strength to rescue us in each of our present moments and for all eternity. Our Lord is able to rescue us, heal us, help us, renew us, rebuild us and transform us in all circumstances – in all ways. All things are possible with the almighty strength of our Lord.

Will we trust our Lord’s strength? Will we humbly let God be the Almighty Lord of our lives?

Our Lord comes to us. May we welcome Him in humility and love!

Our Lord calls to us. May we answer Him with joy and thanksgiving!

Our Lord’s arm reaches to deliver us. May we let God deliver us from darkness into His light!

Our Lord’s strength is able to rescue us. May we let God rescue us from everything that would weaken and destroy us – including ourselves!

These are the answers our Lord wants to His questions. These answer all that we need for all of our lives!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,