February 9–Utterly, Completely Dependent

So often our egos are bruised or our faith is shaken because of external influences. Neither people nor our circumstances should ever be given more authority and power over our peace and our perspective than our Holy God.

God alone is the One who truly sees, who knows and who saves us. God alone is the One who determines our true value and honor. And our Holy God has given us both–our salvation and honor–through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Both depend on Him alone.

My salvation and my honor depend on God  Psalm 62:7

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           We really are completely and utterly dependent on God.

I know that idea may make some people very uncomfortable–if not down-right agitated and annoyed with me. I’m okay with that. It’s not my idea. It’s God’s truth.

When we really grasp the wild, passionate, perfect, faithful, unfailing love God has for each one of us, we’ll realize that being dependent on God is a very good thing. And it’s God’s truth.

The Scripture above tells us that “My salvation…depends on God.” Most of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior would agree with that statement.

We have come to understand that we cannot save ourselves–not by anything we do, even our most kind and generous acts do not pay the price of our sins. We are utterly and completely dependent on Jesus’ death on the cross as our redemption cost–as our salvation.

We also understand that no one else is able to save us. Oh, there probably were many (or maybe just one) precious, faithful people who shared their belief in Jesus as Messiah with you over the years. But even the most passionate, prayerful person in your life could not save you. You could not depend on their faith to make you a child of God. You had to accept on your own, and for yourself, what Jesus Christ offered to you–salvation. Your salvation and my salvation “…depends on God.”

And in this truth, we are transformed and given freedom and peace in God through our dependence on Him.

But! That is not all the above Scripture says. It says, “My salvation and my HONOR depend on God.”

We each need to let this truth of God–that our honor is just as dependent on God as is our salvation–completely transform us so that we will know how valuable, honored and loved we truly are by our God.

Many of us work so hard at making sure we attain certain goals, achieve certain titles and receive appropriate compensation or rewards for those accomplishments. But our honor is not dependent on us–no more than our salvation is.

Nothing we do can make us anymore honored than God has already determined us to be. God honors–loves and values–us beyond what we could ever imagine. Our very best efforts or our very worst failings will not change–increase or decrease–the honor that God has already imparted on us by His perfect love.

Neither is our true honor dependent in any way on other people treating us as honorable, valuable and loved. Oh, we want to be treated in those ways. Very much. I know. But recognizing God’s truth that He alone has the authority to determine our honor is absolute freedom and peace for us.

I wanted so desperately for my family (and others, too, over the years) to love me, to value me, to “get me.” They couldn’t. They wouldn’t. They didn’t.

But that never changed my status in God’s eyes. 

God has made it clear that He alone is the source of both my salvation and my honor. No one but God has the authority or the perfect love to give these to me. God has given them. For all eternity. And God doesn’t change.

When my circumstances are uncertain or difficult or ugly and would shake my faith–I am saved. And I am safe in the loving hands of my God. 

When people’s misjudgments, injustice, cruel actions or rejection would batter my self-worth–I am honored. And I am secure and strong in the love God has of me.

Yes, I am utterly and completely dependent on God for my salvation and my honor. And I will celebrate this truth in freedom and peace!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane