February 8–God’s GPS

Have you ever used a GPS, a Global Positioning System, to find your way along some unknown route to your final destination? Through an intricate satellite communication system you can be guided to almost any place in the world. Very cool.

However, even technology can fail us–and can’t direct exactly the way we need to go. Road blocks. Sudden accidents. Water main breaks. A parade. All kind of things can keep us from getting to our destination even with access to the latest and greatest high-tech devices.

God’s GPS never fails us. In this life our God promises to guide His children by His unfailing love and strength to the place our heart longs to be–with our God in His holy presence for all eternity.

In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling. Exodus 15:13

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           God’s unfailing love will lead us. God’s unfailing love led Jesus to the cross. And saved us from our sins. We have been redeemed.

God’s strength will guide us into God’s holy dwelling. God’s strength raised Jesus from the dead and triumphantly brought Him back to His Holy Home with God the Father.

Our God has poured out His grace to us. He positioned Jesus on the cross to die for our sins. And God will yet lead and guide us to the full realization of our salvation. Our final, eternal destination–entering joyfully, humbly and thankfully into our God’s loving presence for all of eternity.

This amazing love and strength–which brings me to living out all of eternity with my God is beyond my comprehension–but absolutely known and believed within the deepest core of my being.

Yes! God’s GPS is His Grace Positioned Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Holy God leads and guides His people by His unfailing love and strength. 

And God knows exactly how to bring us home–no matter what might come up in our lives. God’s love and strength will never fail us.

We just need to follow.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane