Meekness sometimes gets a bad rap. If someone is described as meek, we too quickly and too often imagine a person whose strength of character more closely resembles cooked spaghetti than a mighty tower. We assign a certain sense of wimpiness, timidity and maybe even a bit of naiveté to those we view as meek.

This kind of meekness (of which I’ve never been accused of being!) is not the meekness of the people of God who receive blessings and promises from the Lord for being meek – His way.

…the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.

Psalm 32:11

…I will remove from this city those who rejoice in their pride…

But I will leave within you the meek and humble

who trust in the name of the LORD.

Zephaniah 3:11-12

Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5

To be meek – God’s way – is to live a life that is marked by sincere humility, powered by gentleness, and courageously chooses to trust in and obey God as the Sovereign Lord over all that exists and over all that happens.

To be meek – God’s way – comes with deep blessings and promises for us:

We will be given a place – a land, a city, the earth – as an inheritance for us, that belongs to us. A home where we will belong. Because we belong to God. Forever.

We will know the joy of God’s great and full peace in this land.

Our Lord Jesus Christ lived a life of outrageous meekness. From his lowly birth in a stable to His brutal death on a cross, the life of Jesus was marked with humility. A humility that was far beyond sincere. The humility of Jesus was extravagant and extreme. And His holy head, face, back, hands, feet and side were marked by the scars of His extravagant and extreme humility – marked by the beatings, the fists, the floggings, the thorns, the nails and the sword.

The meekness, the powerful gentleness of Jesus ministered to and transformed the lives of all who believed Him as He declared the nearness of God’s Kingdom and preached the good news of God’s unfailing love, grace and truth. The powerful gentleness of Jesus touched the lives of the least, the last and the lost as they were healed of all their illnesses, delivered from all their demons, and raised from death back to life.

In meekness, Jesus courageously trusted and obeyed His Father, even when it meant He would be tempted at His weakest moments, betrayed by one of His closest followers, denied by one of His closest friends, be mocked, rejected, punished and killed for the sins of the world – though He was the Only innocent and righteous One. Jesus did this all so we would know the great blessings and promises of our God – to enjoy our land, our eternal home with Him.

Meek is amazing! And it looks just like Jesus.