Let a righteous man strike me – it is a kindness;

let him rebuke me – it is oil on my head.

My head will not refuse it.

Psalm 141:5

Now just so you know, I’m not running right out and eagerly inviting the most righteous man or woman I know to take their best shot at me. Having someone take a strike at me is definitely not my preferred means of being corrected or rebuked! Yes, I do know that the righteous “strike” is metaphorical. Although, I have to admit that there’s been a few times (in my self-righteous mode) that I’ve thought about knocking a few people upside their heads, thinking it just might knock some sense into them!

Being corrected and rebuked in any manner isn’t exactly what I really want to happen. No matter who does it. It also isn’t exactly a natural thing to invite another person, no matter how righteous he or she may be, to get all up in my face to confront me about my sins – my wrong thinking, my wrong speaking, my wrong acting. No. Not natural at all. Not comfortable at all.

However, if you’re in a relationship with God, you probably already know that our supernatural God doesn’t concern Himself with working only in the realms of what is natural or comfortable for us. Especially if what we’re considering as natural is still part of our sin nature, rather than part of God’s good and beautiful work within us to transform our natures to be fully alive, fully free and fully loving. Just like Jesus.

I had to stop and think about this challenge. Or rather, my supernatural God, who loves me so much and wants the very best for me, made me stop and think about this – about being willing to be confronted about any of my sins and habits that would mar and diminish my life in – and my witness for – my Lord Jesus Christ. So…I first asked myself: Why not? Why not intentionally invite someone I trust – someone who is seeking God’s love, grace and truth – to keep me accountable, keep me humble, keep me teachable, keep me growing, keep me sharp and wise, keep me transforming more and more into the likeness of Jesus?

No. This is not natural. Not comfortable. But! It is right and good, loving and transforming!

So, a number of years ago I purposefully asked a few of the most trusted and godly people in my life to watch me, and watch out for me. I invited them to be aware of my actions, my words and my attitudes. To be aware of how I’m taking care of myself, taking care of the people in my life and how I am fulfilling the call to be an ambassador of Christ. To get all up in my face – to strike me righteously (although only with their words!) – about anything they see in me that needs to be purged or purified, reshaped or reshuffled, extinguished or extended in order for God’s love, wisdom, grace and truth to shine most brightly in my life and through my life.

No. This is not natural. This is not comfortable. It is a brave invitation for a transforming purpose. So! Why Not? This righteous strikel comes out of God’s deep and unfailing love for us. God will use everything – His Word, His Spirit, our experiences and members of the Body of Christ – to help grow each of us to be more and more like Jesus. Our God wants us fully alive, fully free and fully loving. All for God’s glory and joy!