Have you ever started something new – maybe a new job, a new course of study, a new career, a new hobby, a new relationship, a new move out of your old neighborhood, or a new direction out of your old comfort zone?

At first, you felt excited, maybe even passionate, about these new changes in your life. You knew they were right for you, on oh-so-many levels. You may even have felt clearly, strongly and peacefully led by our God to make these changes in your life. And so you did. Then – with the new things in place, with the changes made – you hit some kind of challenge or confusion, some distraction or frustration, some doubt or disappointment. Maybe these were minor challenges. Maybe they were absolutely shocking, unexpected and painful. Either way, you were left wondering: So then, what? What should I do? How do I deal with this?

In order to live out our faith in Jesus Christ – whether we are fairly new to a faith relationship with Jesus or we have been living out our faith relationship with Jesus for a very long time – our God, who never changes, even if everything in our lives does, gives us all the same clear, full answer to the question: So then, what?

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord,

continue to live in Him,

rooted and built up in Him,

strengthened in the faith as you were taught,

and overflowing with thankfulness!

Colossians 2:6-7

No matter what challenge, confusion, distraction, frustration, doubt or disappointment we may face in our lives – including within our faith journey with Jesus – our loving, living, fully present, powerful Lord lets us know exactly what we need to do. Our God encourages us to focus our minds on Jesus, and on the reasons and the way we received Him as Lord of our life in the first place.

Think about this for yourself. What drew you to Christ as your Lord? For me, as a seven year old who felt so utterly unloved, angry and afraid, Jesus entered into my life with His love – through God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and the love of His servants who shared the grace and truth of Christ’s salvation with me at a summer camp. I understood that only in God, in my Heavenly Abba, would I ever know, and be able to trust, the eternal, unchanging love that my soul, mind, heart – my very life – needed so desperately. And then, they gave me a Bible of my very own.

Our God calls us to continue to live in Him – just as we did when God first brought us to life in Christ. Our relationship with our Lord is for all eternity – and it is to be a living and active, deeply intimate and continually growing relationship. As God’s children, we are to hold firm and be transformed – rooted and built up – by God’s Love, Word and Spirit. And we are to learn (be taught) and know God’s Word – His grace and His truth – through the reading, studying and trusting of God’s Word. As we do our faith will become increasingly strong, and our thankfulness for our God, who never changes and loves us beyond measure, will overflow!

So then, no matter what new things and all the changes that come with them, may come into our lives, let us each choose to continue to live in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our Life!