A Simple Trust – An Outrageous Claim

I have a simple trust in an outrageous claim. Jesus said:

“Because I live, you also will live.”

John 14:19

I am convinced that Jesus is the Lord of Life. I am convinced that He sacrificed His own life for mine so that I could be forgiven completely of each and every one of my sins and be made Holy in God’s sight. Outrageous. I am convinced that Jesus rose to life again, conquering and obliterating the power of death over me. Outrageous. I am convinced that through faith in Jesus I have eternal life with Him, right now on this earth and will be living with Him in Heaven forever and ever. Outrageous.

I trust Jesus. In all of His outrageous claims. In all of the outrageous claims that the Bible makes about Jesus. I trust Jesus. Period. It’s not a blind or naïve trust. It’s not an ignorant or anti-intellectual trust. (Some of you know I am a real learning nerd.) It’s not a trust that is afraid to wrestle with God about…well, just about everything…at one time or another.

My trust comes from being in relationship with Jesus. Opening myself up enough to allow His love to enter – at first, very gently and tenderly – into my broken life and messed up mind. Opening my life and my mind – intellectually and spiritually – to search and know the Word of God. And I have come to – been brought to, by my loving God – this place of simple trust in the outrageous claims of Jesus.

I am convinced that God’s love is unfailing, ever-present and inseparable from me. I am convinced that God’s Word is truth, is living, is active, was “made flesh” (became fully human) in Jesus, and is revealed to me and brought to my mind by the Holy Spirit, who now lives within me. I am convinced – simply and completely – that because Jesus lives, I live – now and for all eternity. Outrageous.

In relationship with Jesus, I live more fully, more freely, more healed, more whole, more transformed – even in the midst of this broken and sin-ugly world. I am more alive and more joy filled, and more aware of God’s beauty and His gift of life than I could ever be without the truth that Jesus lives…or without the relationship with Jesus that gives me a life that is full beyond measure – and will last far beyond the measure of time!

Because Jesus lives and because Jesus loves me, my simple trust in His outrageous claims moves me to take risks to live in courageous ways and love others in crazy ways. To be more and more transformed to be like Jesus. He washed feet. He went without sleep, without food, without a settled home. He dealt with people plotting against Him, misunderstanding Him, completely rejecting Him. Hating Him. And still Jesus loved us enough to do the outrageous, the courageous, the crazy way of showing us His love. Jesus took on God’s full and righteous judgment and punishment against sin and was killed in our place. And we were set free, we were made righteous in our Holy God’s sight. Outrageous.

So, yes. I have a simple trust in Jesus’ outrageous claim: Because I live, you also will live. And I want to live every day I have for Jesus and in close relationship with Him. What about you? Do you believe this outrageous claim? What are you going to do about it?