THE LORD IS…! PSALM 100 – part 5

Do you believe the Lord is good? Do you believe that God’s love and faithfulness are infinite and eternal? These are not questions to be asked – or answered – lightly, or in an unexamined way. Take some time to think about what you honestly believe about the Lord our God.

What each of us really thinks, what each of us really believes about God – or doesn’t think or doesn’t believe about God – is probably the single, greatest influence over all of our attitudes, our words, our actions and our whole life.

For the LORD is good and His love endures forever;

His faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100:5

Does our perspective about the Lord’s goodness, love and faithfulness change based on our differing moods on any given day? Do our beliefs about the Lord’s character fluctuate with all the different circumstances and experiences we go through on this side of Heaven? There may be many of us who are able to say with our mouths, and maybe even with our minds, that the Lord is good, loving and faithful. Yet, within our innermost beings, within the depths of our hearts, we cannot truly latch on to this God-proclaimed truth as a personal reality.

God understands our struggles to see Him with the eyes of our hearts as the good, loving and faithful God He is, when the realities of this world too easily and too often break our hearts. God gives us both whispers and shouts of His goodness, love and faithfulness all around us – we need to look around – yes, even in the midst of our most troubling times – to know Him and His character. Come hear and see God’s goodness, love and faithfulness:

The sun rose this morning.

The beauty and life seen in the sky both day and night.

The provision from the earth and the beauty and sustenance that springs from it.

The power and life that flows through the waters – the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

The diversity and awe of earth’s landscape – the mountains, hills, plains, canyons and deserts.

The magnificence and wonder of every living being – human, animal and plant.

The smile of a stranger.

The greeting of a friend.

The kindness of a neighbor.

The belly-laugh you just couldn’t contain.

The music that lifts your heart and makes your feet dance.

The prayers and comfort, encouragement and support of those who care.

The very breath you are now breathing.

And revelation after revelation of God’s unchanging character and eternal nature are made known to us through the entirety of His Word! Either God is true or He is not. Either God’s Word revealed to us is true or it is not. A choice needs to be made about what we really believe about our Lord. God, tenderly and compassionately, understands our struggles in this broken world, and how our limited, temporal-bound view and self-focused thinking make it difficult to know and trust Him. And God also knows that it is when we let our hearts and minds together take the leap of faith and choose to trust God at His Word, that we will know that our Lord truly is good, loving and faithful! Trust that! Believe that! And watch the truth of the Lord our God powerfully transform our attitudes, our words, our actions and our whole life!