As a teacher and a speaker who talks a great deal (and maybe especially because that’s how I serve), I deeply value and desperately need quiet time alone with God. Purposefully taking time, choosing to be quiet – consciously and intentionally quiet – is so good for my soul, my head, my heart and my body. Choosing to be quiet – consciously and intentionally quiet – is so healing. So refreshing. So powerful. So humbling.

So much noise comes from our high-tech world of constant and instantaneous contact and information. We are inundated with distractions that come at us – and we seek out – from the TV and radio, from iPods and iPads, from all things cyberspace and social media, from smart phones and stupid phones!

So much noise comes from our rushing, busy, and on-the-go world filled with cars, trucks, subways, taxis, buses, trains and planes. And all those sirens! (No, Toto, I don’t live in Kansas. I live in Princeton, between New York City and Philadelphia, and in Los Gatos, smack dab in the heart of Silicon Valley!)

Then there’s the noise that comes from all the talking around us! Much of that noise comes from other people. Much of the noise being made comes from us as we interact and converse (teach and speak) with others in real time. Much more of the noise, however, comes from within our own heads! We create, and listen to, the noise of so many of our own imagined interactions, conversations, rebuttals, worries, full blown stage and screen productions about what we want to happen in our lives or what we are fearful may happen in our lives! There are full color commentaries and play-by-play interpretations about everyone and everything going on perpetually inside our minds! Oh, we need some quiet!

Everything and everyone with whom we want to (or maybe don’t want to) interact will still be there in a few moments. So, shhhhhhhhhhhh…Let’s each, for just a few moments, choose to be quiet and listen to our God.

Be still, and know that I Am God – Psalm 46:10

Be still. Be silent. Be strengthened. Be healed. Be refreshed. Be Quiet.

Be still, and know God’s presence. God is with us. God will never leave us or forsake us.

Be still, and know God’s unfailing love. God’s love fills our souls’ greatest need and answers our hearts’ deepest cry. We are loved. We are cherished. We belong to our God.

Be still, and know God’s unlimited power and transcending peace that shatters all darkness.

Be still, and know God’s transforming grace that changes our mourning into joy, our bondage into freedom, our hate into love, our cruelest injustice into unconditional forgiveness, our deepest shame into untarnished purity, our weakness into strength, and our death into a resurrected and eternal life!

So, shhhhhhhhhhhhh…Take a deep breath. Choose to Be Quiet. Choose to Know God.