ENTER! PSALM 100 – part 4

Enter Here! Have you seen those helpful signs in parking lots or on business and private doors that clearly mark the entrance? My doctor’s office now takes up one whole side of a building that had once been several different … Continue reading

THE LORD IS…! PSALM 100 – part 5

Do you believe the Lord is good? Do you believe that God’s love and faithfulness are infinite and eternal? These are not questions to be asked, or answered, lightly, or in an unexamined way. Take some time to think about … Continue reading

KNOW! PSALM 100 – part 3

So, what do you know? Growing up I often heard my Grandpa greet his friends and customers (he sold Watkins Products in his later years) with that phrase, “So, what do you know?” instead of the more usual, “Hello! How … Continue reading

WORSHIP! PSALM 100 – part 2

What comes to your mind when you think of the word worship? Does going to a church service come to mind? Does a favorite hymn or a modern-day praise song? Does reading and receiving a teaching on a Scripture passage, … Continue reading

SHOUT! PSALM 100 – part 1

What makes you shout? Your kids? Your spouse? Your job? Your co-workers? Watching your favorite team blow the game? Driving alongside all those crazy people on the road? Most of us probably need to change up the things that make … Continue reading


Transformed by grace! For each of us who has placed our trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior, that’s what we are. Transformed by grace! Well, that’s what we are from the eternal plane and perspective, from God’s view of … Continue reading


Not long ago a Scripture really jumped out at me, and I thought to myself, what a great inscription for my epitaph. No, I am not being morbid, nor am I making an announcement about my impending death. However, I … Continue reading


I thought I was prepared. I wasn’t. The news that brought great sadness and far-reaching consequences came suddenly. It came hard. It came with hurt. It came with unanswerable questions. And as it came, it changed a great many things … Continue reading


There are so many times that I am so clearly aware that my own thinking is just not enough. No matter how perceptive, discerning and analytical I may be – or think I may be! My thinking, on its own, … Continue reading