February 16–Relationship Advice–Dear God–Part 4

Sometimes when I’m counseling married couples—and listening to each of their hurts and their reasons for anger…and listening to how they speak and act towards each other in hurtful, angry ways—I just want to yell out, “Just be nice!!!

I do know that is an outrageously simplistic response to the dysfunctional patterns of communication and behavior couples have gotten themselves into over their years together. And yet, their words and actions that have brought their marriage to such a hurting, angry place were said and done by choices they each made. And it’s time to make different choices…it’s time to choose to speak and act in different ways towards each other.

Maybe “Just be nice!!!” is far too simplistic…or maybe it’s a good place to start when making choices that will heal hurting hearts and dispel angry words and actions.

Just be nice!!!” isn’t found in any specific Scripture verse, but this succinct and powerful relationship advice from the Word of God is:

Be kind and compassionate to one another…

Ephesians 4:32

So there’s the simple and direct…and amazingly challenging and healing relationship advice from our Dear God.

Now, here are my (in)famous two questions:

  1. Do you believe it?…do you believe that this is God’s will for you in your relationships? And if you do…
  2. What are you going to do about it? 

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane

2 thoughts on “February 16–Relationship Advice–Dear God–Part 4

  1. Sylane, thank you SO much for these relational advice posts. I’m getting quite a bit out of each one and I look forward to what the next day’s will be. I grew up reading Ann Landers & Dear Abby’s advice columns. Some of what they said made sense; other times their counsel made my hair stand on end. I know eventually one of them died, the other wound up with Alzheimer’s and both their daughters took over the task of writing their columns. It’s wonderful to know that God’s counsel ALWAYS makes sense, won’t make my hair stand straight up and that NO ONE will ever take over for Him…ever.

  2. Dearest Pam,
    Thank you soooooo much for being such a fabulous Barnabette–daughter of encouragement–to me! Our God is mighty and good–as is His counsel! XO!
    My love and hugs and prayers through Christ,

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