September 17–When and How Will We Praise our LORD?

I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O LORD, I will sing praise.

Psalm 101:1

Let’s allow our minds, hearts and spirits to really slow down enough so they can wrap themselves around these words of Scripture. Is the LORD’s love and justice so evident, so eternally certain to you…to me…that we can, and do, sing about it??

Are we able to sing of, and praise our LORD for, His love and justice when there seems to be little, if any, love or justice in our own life experiences? Or in the often hurting and hurtful world around us?

…and if YES, then, we need to asks our selves: When and How will we sing praises of the love and justice of our LORD? 

As to When? This is a good time. Right now. In these moments.

As to How? With a thankful, sincere and humble awe of who God is. With great joy as we acknowledge God’s eternal love and justice to us. With deep and overflowing gratitude for God’s love and justice that never weaken, never get twisted, never warp, never fail us in any way!

So! Make a list…share it with God…share it here (in the comments) or with a friend…but just start singing and start praising our LORD for His perfect love and His holy justice!

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane

One thought on “September 17–When and How Will We Praise our LORD?

  1. Dear Sylane,
    Darn, I really wish I had read yesterday’s TBloG…yesterday!
    I was so there – running into the arms of the Father while trying to run away from everyone else :>)

    BUT today is a new day! I praise God for who He is
    regardless of my circumstances:

    He is the Alpha & the Omega (the Beginning & the End)
    He is the Creator of heaven & earth and all things in them
    He is the great I AM
    He is the God of Israel
    The LORD God of Israel
    The LORD God of me and of my family
    He is a Mighty, Powerful & Victorious Warrior
    And yet, He is ever so gentle, kind, loving & patient
    with my heart
    He is my hiding place
    He is the only One worthy to be praised by all

    Simply put, I just love my Father in heaven!!!

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