January 25–Overcome with GOOD!

Do you ever just feel absolutely overwhelmed or overcome by the evil in the world? Or by the evil that comes at you from the people or the circumstances in your own life? I do. And when that is the case, we must remember that we have not been left powerless or without choice. Sometimes our choice is much simpler than we remember. God directs us and enables us to do things God’s way: overcome evil with good. 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

Personal Reflections from Sylane                                                                             Confessions of a counselor and ambassador of Christ:                                              Sometimes I just want to run away and hide. Sometimes I want to just stop listening and talking to anybody. Sometimes I want to stop trying. Sometimes I feel overcome by all of the evil and pain and meaness and ugliness and poverty and cruelty and selfishness there is in this world–there is in us people and in the way we live.

And, then, there it is–there it comes again, unfailingly: God’s powerful, sweet whoosh of LOVE. God’s Good Love.

And God quiets me. God is my hiding place. God gives my mind His Sabbath rest. God renews me with His eternal perspective. God reminds me–tenderly and strongly–that Jesus Christ has already overcome evil with His Good Love.

Okay. I can breathe again. I can listen and talk and stay in the moment–even in the midst of the ugly and evil–to love on people again–in and through the power of God’s Good Love.

We are not to be overcome by evil. Not Ever.

We are to overcome evil with good. Always.

Choose to hear, embrace and live in the truth of what God’s Good Love has already done. And overcome evil with one thought, one word, one action–in one life–at a time.

Be thankful–to God, to others, to yourself. There is so much that is GOOD!

Be kind–in your words, in your tone, in your time.

Do good–intentionally and actively to your family, to your neighbors, to strangers, to yourself.

And watch the power of GOOD–God’s Good Love–overcome evil with one thought, one word, one action–in one life–at a time.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane 

One thought on “January 25–Overcome with GOOD!

  1. My dear Sylane,

    While you are such a totally amazing woman to me, surviving all you have in your life through God’s grace, you are only human. Of COURSE you would feel overwhelmed by all the ugliness, sadness and evil in the world. And being a counselor and daily listening to so many stories of struggles, desperation, difficulties, warfare and such, with people looking to you for comfort and for answers, I can see how you must at times feels weighed down by it all. I know for myself, when family, friends, coworkers and neighbors come to me with their heartaches, burdens and prayer requests, sometimes I feel like I can’t breath and I’m drowning. I have more of an understanding of the verse in Isaiah 53 that refers to Jesus as “a Man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering.” I wonder if Jesus ever felt overwhelmed by people’s needs and the evil He saw all around Him. Perhaps He did. But like you, in His solitary times, He surely must have felt that WHOOSH of love, as you so perfectly put it, from His Father. God was His hiding place, too, where He would be completely refreshed and able to go back out to minister to the masses of hurting people, overcoming evil with good. I know that you know all of this. But just wanted to remind you that you’re in good company, my friend. 😀

    Thank you so much for encouraging us to not allow evil to oppress us, but instead, to allow the power of love from our great God to lift us up and keep us marching on! You rock, Sylane!!

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