I will sing of your love and justice; to you, LORD, I will sing praise. – Psalm 101:1

Let’s give ourselves time to slow down our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits so they can wrap themselves around these words of Scripture and begin to sing of these deep and eternally declared truths of our God. Let’s give ourselves over to embracing these truths about who our God is and what God is like. Eternal truths that go far beyond our human understanding and experiences – especially when it comes to what love is and what is just.

Although stated succinctly, the power of God’s Word that declares, “God is love” (1 John 4:8) and “God is just” (2 Thessalonians 1:6), should fill our hearts with a deep trust in our eternal God who never changes. And God will never change His character. God is love. And God’s love for us is unfailing, always reaching out to us, and continually with us – even during those times we aren’t feeling very loved by anyone or feeling very loving towards anyone. God is just. And God’s justice is always right and holy, pure and unswayed by anything corrupt or by any temporary circumstances we may experience – even during those times we feel that everything we are going through is unjust and unfair, cruel and unkind. Our God is still love. Our God is still just.

Our God is one and, therefore, His justice is bound to His love and His love is bound to His justice – inseparably and eternally. And God’s love and justice are good. These powerful, freeing truths should make our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits sing to our Lord as we thank Him for His love that is unfailing and His justice that is pure!

May we each take time to lift up our spiritual eyes to see beyond our circumstances, and sense more deeply than our earthbound feelings, that our God is the God of love and justice. And as we see and sense these truths, may we each acknowledge, give thanks for, and sing about our Lord’s eternally certain love and justice.

Sing to the Lord – in your brokenness or in your abundance, in your pain or in your peace, in your confusion or in your clarity. Sing to the Lord who loves you beyond all measure and beyond all human understanding. Sing to the Lord of His love that walked among us as a man, as our Messiah – breaking all boundaries of time and space, breaking all boundaries of every kind that would dare attempt to separate us from knowing God’s love. Sing to the Lord who is just beyond all measure and beyond all human understanding. Sing to the Lord of His justice that accepted the poured out blood and death of His holy Son Jesus as the full payment for our every wrong thought, wrong word, wrong action, wrong response, and wrong relationship that we have ever had or will yet have.

Sing to the Lord that His justice was fully satisfied in Jesus’ sacrifice! God’s justice demands nothing more from us for the forgiveness of our sins. Sing to the Lord that we are now set free, through the power of Christ’s resurrection, to know the fullness of God’s unfailing love for us! No matter what your temporary reality might be or feel like right now, these are God’s eternal, unchanging truths. And they are good. So, sing!