ENTER! PSALM 100 – part 4

Enter Here! Have you seen those helpful signs in parking lots or on business and private doors that clearly mark the entrance? My doctor’s office now takes up one whole side of a building that had once been several different offices. On my first visit to her newly renovated office space, I was immediately confronted with a dilemma. I needed to make a decision: Through which of the five doors should I enter? It was so confusing! Nothing marked the entryway.

I am so thankful that when it comes to our God, He not only tells us where to enter, He also tells us how to enter!

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. – Psalm 100:4

Our Lord is saying to us, “Come right on in! Come into My holy presence! Enter right through the front door – through the front gates – of My temple, the temple of the Lord Most High! Enter into My courts! Come on in! Enter here! I want you with Me!”

What an unfathomable invitation and welcome we have been given by the Lord our God! Our Lord is calling us to enter into His intimate presence. Enter here!

Yet, we must always remember that our Lord is not only intimate with us, but He is also, and forever, the Sovereign Lord over all creation, over all eternity. And in His sovereignty, our Lord calls us to enter into His intimacy with our hearts, minds and spirits full of praise and thanksgiving for who He is as the Lord our God!

Each time that we choose to enter into the presence of our Holy God with thanksgiving and praise, it is actually our God who lifts us up from all that may be weighing us down and weighing heavily on our hearts, minds and spirits. Our God does not need us to give Him thanks and praise. God knows who He is. There is absolutely no insecurity or any egotistical motive behind our God asking us to enter into His sovereign and intimate presence with thanksgiving and praise. Rather, our God is fully and only motivated by His deep and unfailing love for us. Our God knows that there is great power and deep hope, full healing and renewed perspective for each of us as we take the time to give our Lord our thanks and praise – even in our times of pain and confusion, frustration and fear.

As we lift our eyes off our own self-absorbed, problem-focused thinking and onto our Lord with thanksgiving and praise, we are lifted away from everything that would consume us and diminish us. We are lifted high and held lovingly and safely in the Everlasting Arms of Abba – our Sovereign and Intimate God! Each and every thing that the Lord asks of us, and every way that the Lord asks us to do anything, always flows from His incomprehensible love for us. Our God wants our very best for us at all times. Our God loves us perfectly, and this will never change.

Enter where? Right through the gates and into the holy presence of our Intimate Lord!

Enter how? With hearts full of thanksgiving and praise for who our Sovereign Lord is!

Enter here! Enter now! And we will enter into a greater joy, a deeper trust and a sweeter peace as we enter into the loving presence of our Sovereign and Intimate Lord!