Have you ever felt absolutely pushed to the very limits of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical strength? I have. Many times. For different reasons, in different circumstances, with different people.

The freeing truth is that I really don’t have enough strength on my own to take all the pushes and pulls that circumstances and people can bring into my life. I was never meant to do life or relationships in my own strength. None of us were.

No matter how strong (or right or wise or justified) we may think we are, we all need God to be our help and our strength. All the time. This isn’t an easy truth for many of us to embrace. We don’t like thinking we’re out of control or unable to handle certain situations or relationships on our own. Often, we will only come to accept the truth of our need for God’s help when we’re absolutely pushed to our limits by unwanted and unexpected circumstances and by frustrating and difficult people that seem to invade our lives.

I was pushed back and about to fall, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength [and my song] and my defense; he has become my salvation.                    – Psalm 118:13-14

It is a good thing – a very good thing – to deeply grasp this freeing truth (and live in it) of how desperate each one of us is for God’s help and strength to keep us from falling. God wants us to rely on Him and on His unfailing love and unlimited strength. All the time. In all situations. Those times when we think we’re strong enough to handle everything just fine on our own. Those times when we know we just can’t handle one thing more.

Personally, during those times when I haven’t relied on God’s strength, I have done some very serious falling. And, unfortunately, it wasn’t just me who got hurt on my way down. Feeling pushed, I have often pushed back in ego-centric, angry, selfish, self-justifying and just plain stupid ways.

Ahhhhh…how very different are those times when I have felt pushed to my very limits and have chosen, instead, to raise my head and my heart to trust and receive God’s strength and listen for God’s song to calm my thoughts, shape my words and direct my behaviors!

God is our only true help. God is our only true strength. Our only song. Our only salvation. Being honest about our very real need for, and our absolute dependence on, God’s help and strength – at all times, in all circumstances, with all people – gives us an undeniable, uncontainable freedom! And nothing and nobody pushes our God around!

Instead of falling, may each of us fall more and more in love with our God – our eternal help, strength, song and salvation!