Through our Lord Jesus Christ, we have been called by God to be redeemed, forgiven and given the great hope and sure promise of eternal life with our Holy God! In Christ we are called to live out our lives – right now, right here – in ways that will more and more fully reflect and express our renewed lives as children of God.

…I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. – Ephesians 4:1

Only by living in an intimate, dynamic relationship with the Worthy One, our Lord Jesus, is it even possible for us to live a life worthy of the calling we have received. Ahhhhh! But what a powerful, meaningful, legacy-leaving, adventurous, beautiful and, yes, challenging life it is to which we have been called! I, personally, would have it no other way.

When we accept our calling in Christ to be His redeemed people, we are also called to new identities as we live out our renewed and worthy life!

We are called God’s beloved.                                                                                          We are called the children of God.                                                                                   We are called the light and salt of this world.                                                                    We are called more than conquerors.                                                                              We are called the church.                                                                                                We are called a chosen people.                                                                                       We are called the body of Christ.                                                                                     We are called ambassadors of Christ.                                                                              We are called living stones.                                                                                              We are called a royal priesthood.                                                                                     We are called a holy nation.                                                                                             We are called a people belonging to God.                                                                       We are called Christ’s followers.                                                                                       We are called Christ’s servants.                                                                                       We are called Christ’s friends.

So, let us live our lives reaching out to others in the name of Jesus with His message of salvation, forgiveness and eternal life. Let us live our lives reaching out to others with Christ’s loving heart, grace-and-truth speaking mouth, healing hands, open arms, compassionate eyes, listening ears and feet ready to go and help those around us.

This would be living a life worthy of the calling we have received from the Worthy One who has called us by His unfailing, all-powerful and sacrificial love!