God knows everything about us. God knows our actions, our reactions, our words, our deepest impulses and our hidden thoughts. And although God knows all of this about us, we are still to intentionally and regularly invite God in to search our hearts. I believe God’s RSVP to that invitation will always be, “Yes!”

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.           – Psalm 139:23-24

God calls us to invite Him into every portion of our thinking and acting. God is to have full access – top security clearance (okay, maybe the show “24” has had a bit too much influence on my thought process) – to review our lives and our behaviors to the minutest of details. Since God already knows everything about us, why do we have to invite Him in to look at us in such an intense way?

When we invite God in to review, inspect and interrogate our hearts, thoughts and ways, we are, first, agreeing with God that He has the authority to do so. God blesses our authentic humility by giving us a fuller, deeper sense of His loving intimacy with us even as He searches and purifies our hearts.

Through humility we place ourselves in the right relational position with our Almighty Lord, who takes our hand and leads us in His eternal, life-cleansing and life-freeing way.

As we continually choose to walk humbly with our God, according to His everlasting way, we place ourselves in the right transformational position to know and live in God’s power to heal, restore and completely renew our lives in ways beyond our highest hopes or imaginations.

I desperately want to experience the fullness of God’s authority and intimacy in my life. But, oh! The cleansing, correcting and redirecting process that must take place continually within my heart, thoughts, words and actions can be pretty rough. So! Whenever I pray this prayer, and it is necessarily often, I always add just a little bit more: Search my heart, O God…and be gentle!

I have honestly found that the more often I invite God in to really search, reveal and cleanse me of all my anxious thoughts and all my offensive ways, the more gentle God is able to be with me. Oh, sometimes I need (and I get) the full sandblasting power of God’s correction to get through to me, so that I will see myself as God sees me. At other times, and I hope these will become more and more the norm, God is able to use a polishing cloth to remove the spiritual dullness, dimness and disobedience from my heart and my ways.

God loves us all so much. So, be courageous! Invite God in to truly search your heart and to lead you in His everlasting way. And if you need to add “and be gentle” like I always do, I’m pretty sure God will understand!