Have you ever entered into a conversation late and asked or, at least, wondered inside your curious head, “So, whatcha talkin’ ‘bout?” Have you ever had anyone else enter late into a conversation you were having with others, and you were asked, “So, whatcha talkin’ ‘bout?”

Did those you asked hesitate to let you in on their conversation? Did you hesitate to let others in on what you were saying? There can be many good and right reasons for those hesitations. Maybe it truly was a private conversation between the speakers. Maybe the one who asked was either too young or ill-equipped to handle the depth or serious nature of the conversation. Maybe the conversation was a sweet and intimate exchange between a husband and wife, meant only to be shared with each other.

But maybe the hesitations were because of what or who was being talked about, and the way they were being talked about was inappropriate and immoral. Maybe the hesitations were because the direction the conversation was taking was just plain wrong, filled with self-righteous judgment, cruel criticism or destructive, ego-fed gossip.

As followers of Christ, our God has much to say about how and what we should talk about, and what our tongue, our mouth – our words – should be like.

My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long.            Psalm 35:28

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs…– Ephesians 4:29

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life…– Proverbs 10:11

God is righteous. God is good. God is loving and present, sovereign and intimate. God is holy and faithful. There is so much to say about the One who has given us life. There is so much to say about the One who has saved our lives through the death and resurrection of Jesus. There is so much to say about the One who transforms our lives by His love. There is so much to say about our God – and to say it with so much thankfulness in our hearts, minds and words!

May God quiet all of our tongues (Or shut them down completely!) whenever anger or self-pity, judgment or selfishness come from our mouths or typing fingers. May God, instead, direct and use our mouths and our typing fingers (in emails, devotionals, texts, social media and books) to speak more and more of God’s love and God’s righteousness. May our God direct and transform all of our mouths to be fountains of life in the lives of others. May our words more greatly nurture and nourish, strengthen and heal, encourage and bring peace, offer refreshment and hope, kindness and forgiveness, grace and truth, wisdom and life to all with whom we speak.

If we will let God help us do all this, the next time we’re asked, “So, whatcha talkin’ ‘bout?” we’ll happily and thankfully bring others into our conversations!

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane