Sometimes God’s Word gets right to the point and quite sharply. These pointed and poignant Scripture passages require no dissecting. They need no special hermeneutical, interpretive studies to shed light on their meaning. They speak to us with all clarity. For example:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” – Psalm 53:1

Nope. There is absolutely no confusion about the meaning of this verse. The fool denies the existence of God.

Well! That’s not me! I am a believer in the God of all creation! I have placed my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Lord!

Whoa! Before I get too smug about how my faith in God somehow excludes me from the Fools’ Club, I have to get real with myself, and ask some tough questions:

How much more of a fool am I, as a child of God saved by the blood of Jesus, when I ignore God’s truth, discount God’s grace, disobey God’s Word and plug my ears and shut off my heart to the Spirit’s prompting?

How much more of a fool am I, as a woman transformed by the love, grace and truth of Jesus, when I act in hateful, unforgiving, prideful, unmerciful, truth-twisting, selfish ways? (Yes, even if most of those hateful, unforgiving, prideful, unmerciful, truth-twisting, selfish ways occur only within the privacy of my own head, and no one else witnesses my foolish, ungodly ways! I am still a fool!)

How much more of a fool am I, as a lost and needy human being for whom God reached through time and space to be with, when I don’t reach out to my neighbor who’s overwhelmed with life as a single mom? Or when I don’t take time to listen to the old man’s stories about his wife who’s been gone now for twelve years? Or don’t reach out with smiles, kindness, playfulness and encouragement to the children who pass through my day?

How much more of a fool am I, as an ambassador of the Living Christ who has been given God’s message of love, hope, forgiveness, freedom, and life to share with all who will hear, so that they, too, may believe, when I stay silent because I just really don’t want to talk to that family member or friend or neighbor one more time about Jesus? Or when I won’t take the time to build relationships with new people and be a vessel of God’s love to them? Or when I refuse to listen to the Spirit urging me to engage that stranger in a conversation?

So, no, I won’t be admitted into the Fools’ Club because I deny the existence of God. However, I will be a welcomed and regular guest every time I refuse to let my beliefs in God and in His holy Son Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, make any real and significant, obvious and transforming difference in my life.

Jesus gave His life to make all the difference in our lives. Now it’s our choice, our joy, and our purpose to let Jesus make all the difference in us, so that through us He can make an eternal difference in the lives of all those around us! And He’s not foolin’!

In the love and peace, grace and truth of Jesus Christ,                                              Sylane