February 10–God’s One Way to Love

God is One.

God has one over-arching purpose to be worked out in the lives of His children. We are  to be conformed to the image and likeness of God’s Holy Son Jesus. As we are, we will become more and more one person.  One with God.  One person–whether we are alone, with our beloved, with a a few or with many.  We are to become one authentic, loving, sincere person.

God is One. God is Love.

God refines us so that duplicity of character can no longer easily exist within us.  To be like Jesus, we must be transformed by His Spirit and His Word to love others as our One God loves–and that requires sincerity

Love must be sincere.  Romans 12:18

Personal Reflections from Sylane:                                                                           I am so thankful for every time God schmushes down (expresses succintly and right to the point–in case you weren’t sure of my meaning) what He wants us to do.

Well, God got right to the point here. God schmushed it all right down for us on this one:  Love must be sincere.

There is nothing to question. Nothing to debate. No great theological-philosophical rhetoric to work through in order to gain clarity of understanding. There is nothing to dispute, discuss or deliberate.

Love must be sincere.

No pretenses. No pre-conditions.

No arguments. No excuses. 

No games. No hypocrisy.

Just a wide-opened willingness to let the transforming grace and power of Jesus Christ heal us, strengthen us and grow us up so that we will love others–all others–as He loves us. In sincerity. In truth.

Love must be sincere. This is God’s One Way to Love.

In love, peace and purposeful passion,                                                               Sylane

3 thoughts on “February 10–God’s One Way to Love


    Dear Sylane,
    I like to read the comments people leave because I enjoy reading other’s testimonies to see what God is doing in their lives as well. I hope others are reading these too.

    For those who ARE reading these comments; Let me just say if you are not a partner with Transformed by Grace Ministries…yet, there is still time – come on and join us!

    Today would be a good day because it is the 10th day of the month. Every 10th day of the month, the TBG Team, board members, financial partners and prayer partners (like me) join together in spirit on this day and pray for God to continually bless this ministry!

    I am living proof that God speaks through this ministry and transforms lives because He transformed my life almost four years ago! Thank You God!!!

    If you choose not to become a partner…yet, then please let me encourage you to take this time to pray for the ministry of TBG and all that God is accomplishing through their willingness to serve! Thank you!

    God’s Peace and my sincere love,

  2. God IS good at schmushing things down for us. I love your use of this word. Sincerity to me means being real with each other…not an easy thing, but certainly a freeing thing.

    Thanks for your encouraging words, here and in your personal comment on my blog. I have found a new friend!

  3. God is an extremist. He is Holy to the extreme. He is righteous to the extreme He is just to the extreme and He LOVES us to the extreme.

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